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Cable Tray Support Systems

MP Husky is a founding member of the USA Cable Tray Institute and the leader in US cable tray systems and cable support systems. Over the past 55+ years, MP Husky US Cable Tray has engineered and manufactured the most reliable, highest quality, cost effective and innovative cable trays systems available. MP Husky Manufactures the following types of Cable Tray Systems: Aluminum , Mill Galvanizied Steel , Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel , Stainless Steel, Fiberglass , PVC Coated , Single Rail , and Wire Mesh Wire Basket cable trays. Our cable tray systems meet or exceed all the NEMA, UL, CTI, and CSA standards and are utilized in nearly every industry.

All cable tray suppliers are not the same. See for yourself why more Engineers, Owners, Contractors and Distributors prefer the reliability, strength and personal service that only MP Husky USA cable trays can provide!

Ladder Cable Tray

Cable Tray

Ladder cable trays consist of two longitudinal side members connected by individual transverse members and provide solid side rail protection and system strength with smooth radius fittings and a wide selection of materials and finishes. Materials available: Aluminum, Millgalvanized Steel, Steel HDGAF, and Stainless Steel. Cable Tray Rung Spacing is available in 6", 9", 12" and 18" and Load Depths are available in 3" through 9". MP Husky Ladder Cable Tray is certified CSA, UL, NEMA, and approved for use in nuclear applications and is generally used in applications with intermediate to long support spans of 12 feet to 40 feet and as power cable or control cable support system.

Channel Cable Tray

Channel Cable TrayChannel Cable Trays consist of a one-piece, ventilated or solid bottom channel section, providing an economical support for cable drops and branch cable runs from the backbone cable tray system. Generally used for installations with a limited number of cables when the conduit is undesirable and single power cable or multiple control or signal circuit cables are being supported. Support frequency with short to medium support spans of 5 to 10 feet. MP Husky channel cable tray is either ventilated or solid bottom and furnished in 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" deep and 3", 4", or 6" widths. Its compact size makes it easier to position around and connect to equipment. Channel Cable Tray is available in the following material types: aluminum, mill-galvanized steel, steel HDGAF, and stainless steel.


Trough Cable Trays

Consists of a ventilated or solid bottom contained within longitudinalTrough Cable Tray side members. Provides ventilation with added cable support frequency and with the bottom configuration providing cable support every 4 or less inches. Available in metal and nonmetallic materials. Generally used with control and instrumentation cables in moderate heat generating applications with short to intermediate support spans of 5 feet to 20 feet. Trough cable tray bottom is available in flat sheet or corrugation that is 3 times stronger and 21 times stiffer than flat sheet bottoms. Corrugated seams between jointing sections eliminate the need for bottom seam splices. Load Depths: 3" through 9" Materials available: Aluminum, Mill-galvanized Steel, Steel HDGAF, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Steel and meets Meets NEMA 8A to 20C+'.

Single Rail Cable Tray

Cable Tray Single RailSingle Rail Center Supported Cable Trays Aluminum cable trays save time and money in lighter-duty cable support projects that do not require a traditional dual side rail. The fastest cable support systems to install and provide the maximum freedom for cable to enter and exit the system. Single Rail Cable Trays are generally used for low voltage power cable installations where maximum cable freedom, side fill, and speed to install are factors. Husky Centray® rungs come already attached transversely through either the top or bottom of the center tubular rail. The Centray EZ-Clip or a two bolt splice connector joins sections together quickly and easily. Husky Centray cable tray system saves time and money because No elbow fittings are required resulting in 50% less installation labor, 75% fewer components and hardware than standard trays. MP Husky single rail cable tray top and bottom rung design Meets NEMA 12B and 12C.


Cable Way Cable Tray

Cable Way Cable TrayHusky Way is an economical and easy cable support system. When optional covers are utilized it becomes a fully enclosed cable support system. The smooth solid bottom and optional cover hide cables from view when aesthetics are important. Quick shipment is available.


Fiberglass Cable Tray

Fiberglass Cable tray Fiberglass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) cable trays provide reliable cable support in corrosive applications. Both polyester and vinyl ester resin are available and all components incorporate U.V. inhibitors and a surfacing veil to resist corrosive elements and meet ASTM E-84 flame rating; Polyester 680, Vinyl Ester 1025 Class 1 Flame Rating and self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635. MP Husky Fiberglass Cable Tray systems have been tested and proven in the harsh environment of the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Our Fiberglass Cable Tray gives you the load capacity of steel, plus the inherent characteristics afforded by Pultrusion Technology: non-conductive, non-magnetic, and corrosion-resistant. These characteristics reduce shock hazard and make our FRP cable tray transparent to radio waves, radar, and microwaves.


Wire Mesh Wire Basket Cable Tray

Wire Mesh Cable Tray and Wire Basket cable trays offer double the cable support surface to better support data communication and fiber optic Wire Mesh Cable Traycabling in addition to saving time and money in those lighter-duty cable support projects. Job site, field adaptable support system primarily for low voltage, telecommunication, and fiber optic cables. Wire Mesh cable trays are available in zinc plated, painted, and stainless steel, wire mesh. Wire Mesh tray cable trays are generally used for telecommunication and fiber optic applications and are installed on short support spans, 4 to 8 feet. MP Husky's unique design of EasyConnect, with its 2" x 4" grid system makes it the clear choice for the most complete support of sensitive fiber optic and communication cables.


Perforated Cable Tray

perf cable trayInstall perforated cable tray up to 3 times faster with the revolutionary, time-saving innovation, UNIKLIP® system. Perforated Cable Tray is available in widths from 50mm to 900mm. The width is measured internally between the side walls. Perforated Straight Cable Tray is available in standard lengths of 3m. Perforated Cable Tray features a slot pattern which is standard across the range of cable trays. Based on a repeating pattern of 12mm by 8mm width wise slots, and 20mm by 8mm length wise, Perforated Cable Tray slot pattern suits cable ties, banding and cable cleats with M6 fixings. See the Cable Tray Engineering Section for details. Medium Duty Perforated Cable Tray return flanges are suitable for applications where medium duty cable. Loads are to be supported over short to medium spans. Heavy Duty Perforated Cable Tray return flanges are suitable for applications where heavy duty cable loads
are to be supported over longer spans


Cable Tray Sales Representatives


MP Husky Cable Tray is available worldwide via our network of authorized cable tray agents.

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Cable Tray CSA Certifications

MP Husky Cable Tray is a founding member of the Cable Tray Institute Founded in 1991 CTI & MP Husky support the cable tray industry through joint research, development, education, and the publication of information developed to promote, enhance, and increase the usability of the cable tray.

CSA, UL and NEMA certification can be viewed at UL CSA Cable Tray



Cable Tray Supplier Brochures

Our full line of cable tray and cable tray accessories are available in a downloadable brochure that can be accessed by clicking Cable Tray Brochures

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